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DIY Magnets

March | 2 | 2012

I love the idea of magnets that you can make in any color or pattern because then they can match your home. These were so quick and easy that I had them finished and on my fridge in about one hour and I didn’t spend more than $10 (which can make about 30 magnets! You can make extra to give out as gifts!)

DIY Magnets One sheet of paper with the color and pattern of your choice
Clear jewels (I got mine at the Dollar Store because they are the biggest ones I have seen and they are cheap!)
Modge Podge
Round Magnets- You can get these at any art store or Walmart
Glue gun
Plastic knife or something to spread the Modge Podge

First cut out circles the size of your jewels

Apply Modge Podge to the back of the jewel (the flat side). You don’t need a whole bunch, just a thin layer.

Place the paper on the jewel so the pattern shows on the rounded side (pattern side face down on the modge podge). I used a black and white houndstooth paper…LOVE!

Put a good amount of hot glue on a magnet and attach it to the jewel.

Then….let it dry! Ta-da! Give them about an hour to dry, and the magnets will dry clear so don’t worry about the Modge Podge showing. Now put them on your fridge to display your beautiful magnets!!!


Oscar Party Ideas

February | 22 | 2012

Hosting a 2012 Oscar party??? Jazz up the party with a fun Oscar bingo game! I made these fun bingo cards based on the nominees, presenters and things that people do at the Oscars. All you have to do is print them, grab some pens and have a great time! I usually have a prize for the bingo winner, such as a package of popcorn, movie candy and an engraved trophy from K-2 Trophies that says “Best Oscar Bingo Player”, which is only about $10 total with shipping.

Oscar Bingo Cards
There are 2 bingo cards per page, so all you have to do is print and cut them ….and you are good to go!

It is probably a little too late to send out invitations, but for my fellow procrastinations out there, here is a template for my clapboard Oscar party invitations. They are formatted 2 invitations per page, so you just print and then cut them. You can add white letter stickers in the blank spaces, or if you have InDesign, use that program to open the PDF and add text in the blank spaces. Print on cardstock for best results (I printed mine on glossy cardstock at a local print shop).

Oscar Clapboard Invitation
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Need some more Oscar party ideas? Check out some more ideas HERE.

Burlap Christmas Stockings

February | 3 | 2012

To match my new canvas tree skirt, I decided to make burlap stockings. If you have a sewing machine, this is fairly simple and easy. I don’t have one, therefore I had no idea how to use one. With my mother-in-law’s sewing machine, and a little guidance, I was able to conquer the basics of the sewing machine and make cute stockings!

1 yard burlap (makes 2 regular size stockings and 2 small ones -for the kids or animals)
1 yard of inner fabric (I used an ecru-colored linen, but use any fabric you would like!)
Tan thread and thread to match your inner fabric
Sewing machine
Iron-on letters (optional)

 First double the burlap and the fabric, then cut both to the desired size of the stocking. I just traced the outline of a stocking I already had to make it easy. Do the same with the fabric for the inside of the stocking. Make sure to leave extra room at the top of the inner fabric to fold over and leave extra on all edges for room to sew.

Then pin the two inner fabric pieces together and then the two burlap pieces together. Sew them separately (you will attach them later).

After you pin, begin sewing along the edges of the stocking leaving the top open (Of course! That is where all the goodies go!). Since burlap likes to shred at the edges, I did a second zig-zag stitch to secure the edges. Now make a seam at the top of each piece of fabric. After this, you should have the burlap stocking sewn and the inner fabric stocking sewn.

Place the inner fabric inside the burlap and fold the top over. Now, time to make the ruffles!!! (the best part!) Take the extra scrap fabric to cut 2 strips about 3 inches wide and long enough to wrap around the top of the stocking twice (this will allow enough room for the ruffling and seams). Then you want to make sure you make a seam on both ends of the ruffle strips to keep from fraying. To make the ruffles, we did a wide stitch (sewing term I learned in this process). This makes the thread loose so you can bunch the fabric by pulling the thread.

 Now its time to attach the ruffles! Place the ruffle strip on the side of the fabric that will show when it is folded and then sew it to the flap (careful during this part- I sewed the ruffle on the wrong side at first!). Place the fabric in the burlap and fold over your flap. Your stocking should look like a boot. If it doesn’t…it’s ok mine didn’t at first. Last touch is to run the foot of the stocking under the sewing machine to attach the fabrics together (this way when you pull the goodies out you don’t pull the fabric out with it) Now you are done! Add iron-on letters to make names or initials if you would like to personalize them! I am going to add a red letter to each (a “T” for Tim and an “A” for me!), but for now they are complete!

Oscar Party

December | 30 | 2011

Hosting an Oscar party?? Here are some fun ideas to host your own party on a budget!

Oscar bingo is a fun game to play with your guests to keep the action going, because we all know the Oscars can have some dull moments. You can make them yourself in any program, even Word (I made mine in InDesign). Just make a table (5 squares by 5 squares), insert some fun photos of nominees and hosts for that year, and add a few funny things that go on during the show. Make sure you have a fun prize for the winner!

 Here are some more examples of cards to give you some ideas or print out and use!

Oscar Bingo Card
Oscar Bingo Card 2
Oscar Bingo Card 3

 Another way to spice up the party is the Oscar Predictions Game. The game is everyone fills out an Oscar ballot predicting who they think will win. Everyone chips in $5 and whoever has the most correct predictions wins the pot of money. When I sent out my invitations, I included Oscar ballots (from so guests could fill them out prior to the party. 

It’s always fun to give guests something to leave with, especially if there are games involved. I decided to give out fake Oscar trophies to the winners of Oscar bingo and the Oscar Predictions Game. K2 Awards and Trophies had the best price with the option to personalize the trophy at no extra cost.  Bags of popcorn paired with boxes of movie candy for guests is also a great idea.

There are so many options for decorations, depending on how extravagant your party is. I decided to keep my party casual, so my decorations were simple. I went to the local party supply store and bought black and gold balloons, gold food platters, a sign and door cover that says VIP Entrance (cheesy but still fun), gold plates, and gold napkins. There is a lot you can get at the dollar store instead to save money such as black napkins, plates, utensils, table cover, and candles. There are tons of fun Hollywood themed party supplies at Party City, such as a red carpet for only $4.99. I made some decorations myself to also save on cost. I took gold glitter paper from the art store and cut out stars to put menu item names on them (kind of like place cards). You can also cut out stars and use string to hang them from the ceiling.

Yes I am nerdy and made these myself but they are really easy! Especially if you love to make things.

What you need:
Gold sparkle paper
Some sort of adhesive (I use adhesive rollers available at any art store or Walmart)
Gold Brads
Black cardstock

I was able to get all of these supplies at AC Moore and Michael’s.

Step 1: Download the template for the Oscar invitations from the link below. You can either use the PDF for InDesign or the JPEG for Word. Type in everything you want your invitation to say in the lines of the template. When you are finished, delete the template so just the words are showing and print on vellum. This will print the words in the shape you need.

Step 2: Print the template so you can cut the glitter paper, vellum, and black paper the shape of an Oscar. Leave a little bit of space the bottom (about 1/2 inch) of the black paper so you have room to attach it to the glitter paper.

Step 3: After everything is cut, attach the vellum to the black piece with the brad. Fold in extra part of black paper at the bottom so that it is even with the rest of the invitation. Put adhesive on that piece and attach it to the back of the glitter paper. It should now look like the photo and your invitation is complete!
Oscar Template (PDF)
Oscar Template (JPEG)
(Right click JPEG and click Save As

Need Something Easier??? This is the invitation I am using for the 2012 Oscars Party!

All you need to do is print the PDF either at home or at a print shop and add white sticker letters to fill in your invite!! The sticker letters can be found at an art store such as AC Moore or Michael’s.
Download the PDF here: Oscar Invitation

You can’t have a good party without good food! I am making a ton of appetizers so everyone can just grab a plate and lounge while watching the Oscars. With every dish, I made up a name to go with the Oscar theme (such as DiCaprio Dip) and placed them on glittery star place cards. There is too much to list, so here are a few of the menu items:Popcorn bar with caramel popcorn, butter popcorn, and kettle corn in popcorn tubs from the Dollar Tree 
Cheesecake Bites
Star shaped sugar cookies
Chicken Teriyaki
Chili Cheese Dip
(Cook 1/2 lb. lean ground beef, add chili powder and pinto beans, then add 2 blocks of cream cheese and a bag of shredded cheddar cheese, then bake until melted!)
Pigs in a Blanket
Pasta Salad
Chocolate Covered pretzels
Cheese fondue
(1 cup cheddar, 1 cup mozzerella, flour, dry wine, garlic. Heat wine & garlic, shred cheese in flour, add cheese, and your done! )
Do even I have to mention wine???

Now you are ready to host your own Oscar party, so get your friends together and enjoy the Oscars!!

DIY Decorated Wine Glass

July | 27 | 2011

Decorated wine glasses are such a great gift idea that is fun to make and won’t burn a hole in your wallet!



  • *Wine glasses– I decided to make a set of two glasses. I purchased mine from the Dollar Tree, which is a great place to get glassware.
  • *Glass Paint– I used Gallery Glass from Michael’s,  in a pink and turquoise color. Tip- the color of the paint slightly changes when it is dry since it is a stained glass paint. Use enamel paint for a non-stained glass look.
  • *Rhinestones (optional)
  • *Newspaper– Just in case you get messy, like I do!







Step 1: Apply paint in tiny dots all around the glass (careful because it can come out fast)

Step 2: Do the same with the rest of the colors you have

Step 3: If you want to add jewels, place a dot of the white paint and place the jewel on top to adhere it to the glass (the paint dries clear)

Step 4: Once you are finished with the top half of the wine glass, you can start painting the base of the glass. Start by painting a line from the stem of the glass to the edge. Repeat with the other colors.

Let the glasses dry overnight before you wrap them. Once they are dry, you are done!

Try out different designs such as swirls, flowers, etc. You can also make all the glasses in a set different!

Baby Shower Ideas

July | 21 | 2011

I had so much fun planning my friend Molly’s baby shower! It is such an exciting time to celebrate a new arrival, and I cannot wait to meet baby Lewis! My friends and I put our efforts together to make this surprise shower a great one, so I had to share all of these wonderful and cute ideas!

 Personalized onesies are not only a great gift because they are one of a kind, but they serve as excellent decorations for the shower. With these particular onesies, we printed sayings and pictures on iron-on paper. We just typed up the sayings and printed them on the iron-on paper. Then all you do is cut out the pieces and iron it directly on the onesie- simple and easy! We spruced it up a little with puffy paint in the theme colors, but you can add jewels too. Plain white onsies were the cheapest at Wal-Mart at $2 each. We decorated 5 onesies and hung them with clothespins on ribbon. Everyone loved them! And yes, we did have a onsie decorating party and it was really fun!

This was a great idea from my good friend Deedee to make pretzel sticks for the shower. They are very easy, and are a great treat that can coordinate with the theme. All you do is purchase pretzel rods, white chocolate chips, and icing in the coordinating color of the shower. You melt the chocolate (I just melted it in the microwave since it is faster), dip the pretzel, lay them in a row on wax paper, squeeze icing over top and refrigerate. So easy! You can also do this with sprinkles or put them in bags for guests to take home.

My good friend Elizabeth had the great idea to make a diaper cake as part of her shower gift, which turned out to be adorable! We had a great time putting this together, even though it took 5 pairs of hands to do it! 

The easy way to put this together is to rubber band each diaper individually and then rubber band each layer all together. Put the cardboard from a paper towel roll in the middle to hold it all together. We didn’t have a plate or anything on the bottom, but you can definitely add one.  Add ribbon, and any other fun toys and decorations, and you have a fun diaper cake that is cute and practical !!!!

All the girls made amazing food for this party, so if you are having trouble deciding on a menu for the shower, here are a few options:

  • Chicken salad sandwiches
  • Stuffed peppers
  • Pasta salad
  • M&M’s in the colors of the shower
  • Homemade punch
  • Bruchetta
  • Lemonade
  • Mimosas
  • Assorted Vegetables
  • Deviled eggs (perfect for rubber ducky theme)
  • Chocolate covered pretzels (regular and sticks)
  • Rubber ducky cake – Deedee got this cute & delicious cake from Apple Annie’s

The shower went off without a hitch and the mommy-to-be was surprised and loved everything. None of us can wait until baby Lewis is sporting all of those stylish onsies we made!


Thanks to Deedee, Elizabeth, Courtney, and Amanda for contributing to this blog! Everyone’s efforts made this baby shower a success! And of course none of this would have been possible without Molly, the mommy-to-be! We love you!